In 2017, engineers Aaron Cassorla and Edwin Vargas founded Omnix, a technological startup that developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool focused on the support and management of product commercialization, and the reduction of lost sales by having an overview of all the inventory in real time.

Omnix CEO and co-founder Aaron Cassorla said that Omnix currently has operations with nine clients in South America in industries such as retail, telecommunications, automotive, mining and services, and in 2019 expects to close sales with 32 companies in different countries of the region, including Brazil and the United States.

We are selling on the lines of Peru and Colombia and we are placing different country managers to help with the relationship with the partners in each country helping with the implementations. One of the advantages we have is that this is a niche market where there are few players,’ says Cassorla.

How did they begin?

The entrepreneur points out that in 2017 they started with the developments to create the software that, with the inventory data and the capacities of the companies using the service, can organize, for example, the function to be performed by the workers, calculate the quantity and time of the replenishment, the inventory rotations and the availability of the products.

As exemplified by Cassorla, the software is capable of ‘orchestrating’ the logistical movement of the stock to make it more efficient, ‘it works with a neural network model that calculates, based on the multiple variables, the maximum speed allowed in which a process can be carried out,’ he explains.

With one of the enterprise’s base modules that operates with AI, it can also detect the weak points where the operation is failing and adjust the planning taking into account that failure, ‘it is able to adapt to the ecosystem,’ says Cassorla.

The entrepreneur says that in January of this year, they received a $200 million Corfo fund for validation and packaging of innovations. With this, they hope to strengthen the module related to artificial intelligence.

In the first year of operation the company closed contracts for US$ 7 million and for this year they expect to reach US$ 24 million. According to Cassorla, its clients have increased sales by 30% during the first month of implementation and can increase the speed of the traditional process up to 2,000%.

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